IRS Issues Guidance on PTIN Renewal Additions & Aptitude

Renewal PTIN – PTIN renewal shall be one calendar year. Therefore, the current record PTIN expires December 31, 2011. * The period of renewal begins October 1, 15, 2011, and must be completed before January 1, 2012. * User Fees Renewal: $ 64.50 * The renewal can be completed: Online – Go to search and PTIN or use the form W-12 * Requirements: Unlicensed preparers – A coach who is not a CPA, EA, or attorney...

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How to terminate or revoke the general power of attorney

Once the principal (creator of document) signs the document of general power of attorney it becomes effective from that moment onwards. The legal document is operative until the principal dies or changes the power of attorney. This article tells you how to change the POA or how to terminate the power given to the agent. Before discussing about the termination of power, let me tell you under what circumstances you may need to terminate...

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Canada Tourist Visa Requirements & Eligibility

Canada is one of the prosperous nations of the world. Canada is the second largest nation in the world.  With number of implausible destinations, Canada attracts tourist from all over the world. Both foreign & domestic tourism industry in Canada is quite huge.  Large numbers of tourist are found in the four major cities of Canada such as: Ottawa Vancouver Montreal Toronto These places are popular for their culture, traditions,...

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