Cool Artifacts of the American Southwest

I still remember the first time I saw one. Throughout the American Southwest, the cool, abandoned, ancient cities can be seen. Mesa Verde. Honanki. Comb Ridge. Technically, they’re known as cliff dwellings, age-old settlements built under cliffs, some a couple thousand years old. They’ve been getting attention at least since Mesa Verde was rediscovered in Colorado in 1906 and selected for preservation as a historic site....

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What is binge drinking?

In the UK binge, drinking is a common term used to refer to when a woman takes more than six units of alcohol in one sitting and a man eight units of alcohol in one sitting. This may be drinking in small quantities, which may seem not to be dangerous, but it is very hazardous to once health. From the little bits, a person takes they may be alcoholics while they think they are just social drinkers and there is no harm in what they are...

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Countries Sleeping Most

The U.S, Belgium, Spain, and some other developed countries are among the countries sleeping most, according to the latest study of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Below is the full list of these countries.     An Australian sleeps 8.53 hours per day     The Spanish spares each day 8.56 hours sleeping     The British have 8.38 sleeping hours per day     In Canada, people sleep 8.48 hours per day     8.35...

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