Australian Biometric Visas, Adding More Countries

Australia has started up biometric visas in December last year, to make verification of the number of fraud and also it want to stop increased visas fraud which is as part of its migration.

The Government considers that these advancements will be useful in maintaining the reliability of the immigration process and it will help to control the number of false migration.

With it the person who interested in migrating to the country must keep its identity, photo facial and fingerprint scanning at the Visas center that has received the visa. Candidates can apply online to bypass the process right now.

With it immigration officer can collect information about the applicants easily. It helps to manage the visa and immigration process effectively. It also gives guarantees about the identity of that person, therefore warning the chances of fraud.

Its a non-disturbing procedure; the data collected through it could also be used in the international communitys for other purposes.

Australia has been loaded properly with the procedures of the biometric visa in its centers in Bahrain, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Yemen, UAE, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Also it has been looking forward to the use of biometrics in visas from most countries in the world. Its successful since it has been started in 2010. According to Australia Approximately eight thousand visas holders submitted their biometrics detail.

Recently, the government wants to take the action to start biometric visas in Syria and Malaysia at their centers in Damascus and Kuala Lumpur.

The government will continue to take this opportunity to present this process in several countries, like Lebanon, Kenya, Jordan and France at their centers which are located in Beirut, Nairobi, Amman and Paris.

In this step, Chris Bowen, Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, Australia, says: “When this stage, it shows the Government’s commitment to promote new technologies and working visas for the benefit of check fraud has occurred.”

To additional strengthen its system, the Australian government has begun working closely with governments and relevant international organizations, which can deal, believe and use of these processes in their countries.

The Australian Government has signed an agreement with the United Kingdom; both countries share the global Visas application biometric service centers.

Further more information contact with Global Visas Fraud Team they will give you all required information.

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