Miami Cheap Flights

With the wonderful endless beaches scattered all over, Miami is a hot spot for tourists and visitors, especially during the months when the weather is warm and friendly to those visiting. It is more of a fun environment than a learning environment as it has lots of activities to engage in compared to other regions that offer learning opportunities in the form of historic sites and monuments. It can be hard to secure cheap flights to...

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The Charleston Ban On Smoking

Legend has it that there was once a sign on all of the bridges leading into Charleston, SC, the stated “Welcome to Charleston. Unencumbered by Progress for the Past 100 Years.” Putting together “cutting edge” and Charleston in the same sentence is an oxymoron. Recently the Charleston City Council heard a rumor about something called second smoke. After a bit of research they were shocked to discover that cities...

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Unique Hedge Fund Investing Opportunity

Predator Files research reports give you access to highly sophisticated analytical techniques and institutional money flows that we use to successfully manage money in our hedge funds. Monty Agarwal, the founder of MA Capital Management, LLC has been trading capital for the largest global banks since 1996.  In 2004 he started Predator Global Master Fund. → Predator Global Master Fund had no losing year and beat the Barclay Hedge CTA...

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Protect Your Wealth with Insured Money

That may sound like an obscure statement, but the thing you need to realise is that your own money is always at risk. That is not to say that someone is out to get your money, but realistically there are elements in the financial world that invariably end up dipping into your pockets at some point whether you allow them to or not. Things like taxes, inflation and increase in monthly costs are unavoidable because we all have to deal...

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Puri Travel Guide

One of the most sacred places for Hindus in India is Puri which is sometimes referred as Jagannath. Puri along with Badrinath, Dwarka and Rameshwaram forms the holy char dham yatra of India. It is located on the eastern shores of the state Orissa. Puri is a pilgrimage destination. It is famous for the Lord Jagannath Temple, which is dedicated to incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to Hindu mythology, Puri is the resting place of...

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