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That may sound like an obscure statement, but the thing you need to realise is that your own money is always at risk. That is not to say that someone is out to get your money, but realistically there are elements in the financial world that invariably end up dipping into your pockets at some point whether you allow them to or not. Things like taxes, inflation and increase in monthly costs are unavoidable because we all have to deal with them at some point in our lives. The only way around any of that is to shield yourself as much as possible and put measures in place that can be used as a fall back in the even t of you not being able to manage or maintain that anymore.

When you take out a policy to cover you for things like retirement, loss of income or perhaps even life cover, you are putting those measures in place. is a good example of a local site in Australia where women can take out such policies to protect their assets and their income in case anything happens. You can also find other sites that offer insurance for everyone and for all kinds of things. You can insure all your personal possessions that are of value to you, so that if someone should decide that they need your camera more than you do, you can have it replaced. In the unforeseen event of you being retrenched and you are forced to leave the company, it would put your lifestyle in jeopardy. A retrenchment package can only cover you for so many months and if you end up being stuck without a job for longer, you will find it quite handy when your income protection kicks in just in time to help you out with groceries for the month and to settle the electric bill for another month. In the mean time, you can actively search for new work and try to find something stable so that when your period of cover runs out, you are ready to take another job. Just remember that insurers would prefer you to get a job sooner than later, because it means they have to pay out less in the end.

If you get stuck with choosing what is often referred to as the indemnity period, try to imagine how long it will take you to get a job. You should always try to exclude the first few months after you are retrenched because of settlement, but always be prepared in case you don’t get one.

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