Show Sales Data for Countries using an interactive world map

Sales figures by geographical markets often have to be shown to a company’s shareholders and potential investors on a regular basis.


Place a professional looking presentations online for easy access to your monthly, quarterly and annual profit and sales reports can boost confidence of investors in your business and help you get that elusive capital for expansion and further growth.


Decorating financial reports and presentations with interactive maps will catch the attention of readers and they will read the report with a new interest. Glamor increases sales and this is evident from the glossy advertisements of many established brands.


Presentation maps should be used intelligently and the readers should not be bombarded with confusing information. It is good to be enthusiastic about your monthly or quarterly presentation but remember that human brain can absorb information in small chunks.


Interactive maps should add to your presentations and not take your readers attention away from the main point. People will read your presentation to know how your business is doing and so don’t complicate it unnecessarily. Try to keep maps clean and simple and let them support your presentation in a subtle manner.


Presentations are usually made by company senior managers and they will be pleased to know that they can edit interactive presentation maps on their own. One does not have to be proficient in programming languages or know coding skills to embed an interactive map in his presentation. This means that an executive working for a toy factory, someone who has no HTML or flash knowledge, can create interactive Flash maps with ease.


There are presentation mapping software which can be downloaded on desktops and bundle with pre-made map templates. Users can decide to include world map, US map, UK and Canada map according to their specific business needs. If your business is present all across the US you can add an interactive map that exhibits office branches in different US counties. These offices can be shown as dots and supported with mouse over tooltips.


Pop up boxes can ‘announce’ the business done by each branch and this feature will ensure your readers read the last line of your online monthly, quarterly and annual profits and sales presentation. Map presentation software also enables users to edit and make changes so you can add details later if you want to say something you haven’t said already.


You can add as many interactive maps as needed to make a good presentation but remember to keep your readers interest in mind. If you are a property developer you can have a separate map for condominiums and budget property. If you run a travel agency you can create different airline route map between New York and Paris. The options are unlimited as presentation map software allows you to create interactive maps just they way you want.

Visit our website today to download a free trial version of presentation map software that does not require coding and programming to create an interactive real estate map. You can also find web design software including a flash gallery, music player, video player and flash website creator.

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