Flag poles and Flags – The Five Star Red Flag

National banners and flags are flown from flag poles all over the world. With the exception of one or two nations, each country has its own uniquely designed flag. Flags and banners have been around for years, centuries if not thousands of years. For example, the Chinese national flag is obviously a flag that has been seen by many. Especially with the recent publicity in terms of the Olympics, the flag of China was flown from all...

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Common IRS Audit Flags

¬†If you look after your teeth and steer clear of certain factors, you will be able to avoid a root canal. Similarly, if you look after your financial health and avoid certain practices, you may be able to avoid an IRS audit. There are many red flags that show that you may have an IRS problem, and they may have to audit you. An IRS audit is a fair review of your tax returns to determine their accuracy. You’re burdened with...

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What Flags Can Do

Flags do more than just represent or symbolize a country, although this is their most common function. Flags are effective as a means of signaling and communication as well, especially in situations where normal means of communication would be difficult to use. This is why flags are widely used in sports and in the military service. Flags can also be used in weddings, parties, and other gatherings as decorations. Flags in these...

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Flags Of Different Countries – The Danish Flag

Most flags of different countries have a very unique history. Some have been flown from flag poles and displayed from buildings and such for centuries. The flag of Denmark is one such flag. In fact, historians claim this banner to be one of the oldest national flags in the world! Commonly known as the “Dannebrog,” this national banner displays a white cross and a red colored background. Interestingly, this particular...

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Canadian Flags

The Canadian government is a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. Both French and English are considered official languages. The word Canada is taken from an Iroquoian Indian word meaning “village”. ¬†Canadian flags includes all ten provinces: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador; and three territories:...

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