Best Beaches to travel in India

India has thousands of miles of shoreline with some of the finest beaches in the world. From white sandy beaches to golden sand beach, India has it all for the travelers. Here are some of the best beaches to travel in India. Anjuna Beach – Perhaps the most popular beach in India. Majority of tourists who travel Goa do spend some time at the Anjuna Beach. It is regarded as best beach for the honeymooners. Majority of foreign...

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Trust your investment advisory services India firm

There is a huge growth and demand for the stock market as people are repeatedly trying to save their hard earned money by investing in a wide range of stocks and shares which will give them good profits by raising their stakes. A large number of people have become increasingly aware of the benefits and high returns the stock market guarantees and this is precisely why they are all flocking to invest in the stock markets. With so many...

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India Travel Guide

India is seen by many people as a mystical paradise, the diverse and huge country offers so much to the intrepid explorer. The culturally rich country is a world of contrast, from rich to poor, from palace to slum. The breadth of contrast in the nation is as startling as the landscape. The high snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas exist in the same country as the deserts of Thar. It is a place that you will never forget. Home to...

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Construction Sector in India: 2013

Construction industry of India plays an essential role in the economic growth of the country as it is the second largest contributor to the GDP (9 per cent), after agriculture. Currently, incited by the boom in Indian real-estate sector, the growing construction sector in India is attracting a large number of global players. Adding to the growth are innovative construction technologies and sustainable building materials in the...

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Google Translator Toolkit

Google is moving too fast and is ahead of all in the search industry. There is no one who has the mettle to compete with the search giant, at least for now. What others are doing now, Google has already achieved a name in that domain. Now it is busy experimenting with the new concepts and innovations which can revolutionize the search industry and break free the flow of information across all the channels. Over the past few months we...

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