Canada Tourist Visa Requirements & Eligibility

Canada is one of the prosperous nations of the world. Canada is the second largest nation in the world.  With number of implausible destinations, Canada attracts tourist from all over the world. Both foreign & domestic tourism industry in Canada is quite huge.  Large numbers of tourist are found in the four major cities of Canada such as: Ottawa Vancouver Montreal Toronto These places are popular for their culture, traditions,...

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Work Visa New Zealand and Working Holiday Visa

Work visa are very complex, require careful handling and must meet a high threshold of proof that there are no local workers available to fill the position.  All residence must provide medical certificate and those aged 17 and older, must provide police certificate. One can migrate toNew Zealandwith the appropriate work visa. The immigration service ofNew Zealandallows both permanent and temporary residency for foreign nationals.  ...

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New Zealand Immigration tightens student visa rules

  Immigration New Zealand has announced significant changes to requirements for the study to work visa and student policies that will come into effect from 25 July 2011. The changes have been done to attract more genuine students, and facilitate pathways to work and residence for highly skilled graduates.   The changes to New Zealand Study to Work visa means that student will need to study in New Zealand for at least two years or...

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Destination Singapore: Visa and other Requirements

Singapore is also one of the destinations which are very popular among the people residing in different parts of the world.  The Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) is responsible for all the tourist travel, visitor’s entry and visa related issues requirements to Singapore. Who all require the Singapore Visa? The list of several countries that requires the visa to enter Singapore is: – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus,...

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Indian Visa Requirements for Tourists

India has long been a source of fascination and enchantment for Western tourists. The country sees 5 million tourists visit each year, and that number continues to grow. India has everything an adventurous traveler could ask for: delicious local food, thriving cities, ancient monuments and temples, beaches and fantastic opportunities for eco-tourism.   To get to India, you need more than just a valid passport and a plane ticket....

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