The Hottest Promotional Merchandise

Coffee mugs are very hot promotional merchandise. Eco-conscious businesses are replacing the use of environmentally unfriendly Styrofoam cups with ceramic, glass, and metal coffee mugs for use at work. Promotional coffee mugs also make for excellent employee bonus gifts that can be used at work or at home. Travel mugs are another hot promotional merchandise item, for on the go transport of hot coffee that will not spill and cause a serious burn or ruin suits clothes. Travel mugs keep coffee hot from home to the office, to the conference room, or to a meeting across town. You can give travel mugs with your business boldly printed on the side to employees, business contacts, and friends.  Remember to reserve one for yourself, as these are really handy coffee transporters as you go about your busy day.

All pens we use every day, at work, at home, on the train, during flight, and at school. Pens, plastics, wood and metal on the pen and felt tip styles are among the best promotional products available today. Have a supply of printed promotional pens in any style you want to spread provides a way to advertise your business while giving a useful item.

Key rings are hot promotional merchandise items. Everybody has keys. Keys to the office, bank box, the house, the car, the mailbox, and so on. Keeping all these keys organized can become quite a chore.  Key rings keep keys organized and promotional key rings make for unique key rings. These are appropriate for giving to anyone.

Mouse pad mats are good promotional items. Select mouse pads promotional mouse pad with additional features such as mountains and have a spiffy combo sure to be a hit with everyone who receives this. Printing, promotional mouse pads mats can add color, and visual stimulation for the tired eyes of the screen and for most of us spend a little of our day’s work with the computer.

Seat Mats protective seat mats one never has to be bothered with worry that dirt and other debris from seating will be transferred to their clothing. Promotional seat mats can be folded up when not in use and stored in a vehicle trunk or a briefcase or handbag, and quickly grabbed when needed. Sitting on your business name just may spark them to think about doing more business with you. But in the case of seat mats it is. You may not have thought that having someone sitting on your business name could be a good thing and it is promotional item.

Two more of the hottest promotional merchandise that many businesses are buying up lately, are promotional conference bags and conference folders. Spice up presentation materials with an attractive folder to hold them and keep them in place for attendees. Give everybody a printed promotional conference bag to carry presentation folders, writing utensils, papers, and personal items in. You may even choose to surprise them by placing a promotional pen or mug into the conference bag. You can certainly buy promotional merchandise cheaply enough to be able to give more than one gift if you want.

There is plenty more to choose from in the promotional merchandise that best promotes your business if you do not go wrong that why select the items of promotional the hottest items. Calculators with a note attached which is a unique way to promote your corporation that will continue to be promoted every time the calculator is used, or seen sitting on a desktop and that says it is to be used to calculate the huge profits sure to be coming in soon. These unique promotional tools don’t cost a bunch and they are hot selections in promotional merchandise.

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