The Universal Population Is Aging

Across the planet humans are living longer and raising less offspring, thus increasing the average age of the worldwide populace.

“These demographic developments and divergent patterns have significant implications for economic growth, political stability, and national security. The global economic and political implications are huge and the stakes for individual countries are high,” says George P. Shultz, former Secretary of State.

Supporting a ‘top-heavy’ population, with an ever-decreasing labour-force to provide infrastructure support, social services, Defense and all other required services, has become a real worry in numerous nations. People will find it necessary to cope with an extended retirement age, as is being currently bandied around in several European countries.

The Chinese one-child policy has frightening long-term ramifications. With an aging population, the future family structure will consist of four grandparents, two adult children, one very hard-working grandchild.

In numerous developed countries many of the elderly can turn into reasonably financially self-sufficient people. However in China the vast majority of people will be old before this is possible.

While retirement villages, nursing homes and pharmaceutical companies, in developed nations, may be clapping their hands in delighted anticipation, countries like China, that feel it is the responsibility of the State to take care of the elderly, the government is facing an almost insurmountable struggle.

As the Internet savvy ‘Baby Boomers’, of whom there are bigger numbers than any other age group, start to come to terms with the challenges linked with old age, sites will have to be changed so as to accommodate their particular needs. The aging population will therefore change daily things from housing and transport, to areas like the Internet.

There could even be a labour deficit in many areas, while fewer people will pay taxes. The nation will become less active, requiring more and more health care services.

Many professionals strongly feel that if the regulators had done their job correctly, or financial institutions instigated sound principles of financial management, the current universal financial crisis could have been foregone. Many now believe that the signals of an impending crisis of an aging population are also being seriously disregarded.



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