Toledo Travel Guide

Toledo is the capital of Castile-La Mancha as well as the province of Toledo. Toledo was once synonymous to La Mancha which was known all over the world after it was used by the famous author Cervantes in the very famous “Don Quijote”. Aside from the fame brought about by the equally famous Cervantes, Toledo is also known as a tourist destination because of its many historical monuments.

Important Historical Monuments

There are lots of historic monuments in Toledo and one of them is the Iglesia de Santa Maria which is a 13th century church. The church is also famous for its tower known as Giraldilla de Sagra. Another important Toledo monument is the Arabian door from the 11th century called Puerta de Ugena. Lastly is the Hospital Nuestra Senora de la Caridad which was founded by Cardinal Cisneros. Inside the magnificent structure are 5 El Greco paintings that are exposed.

Castle Tour

Toledo is also the location of several ancient castles where tourists can explore and experience what life was like during the Middle Ages. The Maqueda castle is an ancient castle built in the 15th century that sits atop an ancient Arabian fortress. The castle displays some elements of the beautiful Mudejar style. The Maqueda castle is also an important historical monument because several famous battles happened right on its grounds throughout the long history of Spain. Another castle that you should visit is the ancient fortress in Guadamur. Guadamur is where you will find the most magnificent castles in the entire Spain. Tourists who wish to see the famous Alcazar can head to Escalona.

The Handicrafts Of Toledo

Toledo has always been known for its handicrafts even since the ancient times. Toledo is known to be one of the best makers of ceramics, textiles and swords. The ceramics made in Talavera de la Reina are known all over Spain for its artistry and high quality. The main reason why tourists visit Torrevieja is to explore its beautiful beaches. The pristine beach extends as far as 14 kilometers along the coast. Ceramics from the ancient times can also be viewed at the local museum. Other impressive monuments in the town is Hermitage Virgen Prado which is a structure built during the 11th century that has walls that are made with magnificent ceramic tiles. Another town in Toledo that is known for its ceramic industry is Fuente del Arzobispo. Other handicrafts that Toledo is known for is its textile industry. The best makers of lace and embroidery works are found in Lagartera.

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