What is binge drinking?

In the UK binge, drinking is a common term used to refer to when a woman takes more than six units of alcohol in one sitting and a man eight units of alcohol in one sitting. This may be drinking in small quantities, which may seem not to be dangerous, but it is very hazardous to once health. From the little bits, a person takes they may be alcoholics while they think they are just social drinkers and there is no harm in what they are doing. Binge drinking is a problem that seems to be growing rapidly in many countries, and it has been reported that in the UK there have been more than forty percent of emergency problems due to binge drinking. This has mostly been increasing among the young people who are in college.

Binge drinking involves sipping of beer, wine or not forgetting the spirit which is done three or four-time times a week which increases the rate at which one drinks. The drinking is very common as study has been done among men, and they may be meeting after work and go for a drink. Countries in which people meet and have drinks regularly, binge drinking may be there, and the people are not aware. How to stop drinking cannot be thought of since they do not have a problem, to them, it is just social drinking.

The dependence on alcohol is not something that one foresees. It starts from one being a social drinker and the more they go for social events, the more they drink. At some point, the individual or the people around the person may notice a certain trend in the person’s behavior. When they do not drink they shake, and they become easily irritable and at times violent in the bar. How to stop drinking may be something they may consider before things get out of hand.

Too much drinking as the months pass by May disrupt the balance of the chemical in the brain, which is called GABA, this controls how one is impulsive, and it also stimulates the nervous system. Once the brain chemicals have been altered it leads to a person’s body craving for alcohol in order to avoid feeling bad and to feel good. This distorts the picture of reality to them. This is where the individual wavers away from wanting to dare to know how to stop drinking habit.

The risk factors of drinking may be related to specific genes in people that make take alcohol. The age that people first start drinking is mostly at the age of 15 years. It is at this tender age that one cans the rate of a teenager to get into drinking.

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