Work Visa New Zealand and Working Holiday Visa

Work visa are very complex, require careful handling and must meet a high threshold of proof that there are no local workers available to fill the position.  All residence must provide medical certificate and those aged 17 and older, must provide police certificate. One can migrate toNew Zealandwith the appropriate work visa. The immigration service ofNew Zealandallows both permanent and temporary residency for foreign nationals.


 There are two main categories of work visas

Work to residence is a residence category requiring possession of a work visa under one of the talent work policies for at least 2 years or possession under the priority occupations list for at least 2 years and an offer of on-going employment inNew Zealand.

Employer sponsored work visa it requires a high level of English language skills, you must have sufficient financial resources to support yourself and your family for your first 2 years inNew Zealand.


Normal work policy requires all the following criteria to be satisfied

The applicant to have an offer of employment for a full-time 30 hours per week which is in accordance with new Zealand employment law.

The applicant to have work experience or qualifications relevant to the position requirements

The employer satisfies and provides evidence, that they have made a genuine attempt to locate and employNew Zealandcitizens for the position. The position should also be one thatNew Zealandis unable to be easily trained for.

The employer should be credible and the position financially sustainable.


TheNew Zealandworking holiday visa offers the opportunity for young people from countries with exchange agreements in place to travel aroundNew Zealandtaking up temporary work while they are there. The working holiday visa forNew Zealandis issued for 12 months, however forUKcitizens it is issued for 23 months, of which they must not work for a period of more than 12 months. A foreign resident applying for working holiday visa inNew Zealandhas to meet some basic requirements.


 The applicant must be 18 and 30 years of age. The applicants must not bring their children with them toNew Zealandand application must be made in the country of origin. The applicant should also possess sufficient amount of supporting fund during his/her stay in this country. Working holiday visa forNew Zealandapplicants should not be seeking to undertake permanent employment while on this scheme. Some countries involved inNew Zealandworking holiday visa scheme place restrictions on the amount of time that can be spent with one employer and in most cases this is three months

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